Batman TNBA 1

Batman in The New Batman Adventures

Bruce Wayne (AKA Batman) is the main protogonist of Batman : The Animated Series & The New Batman Adventures. He is Gotham's hero. He is voiced by Kevin Conroy.


Life as Batman When Bruce was six he roamed far grounds of Gotham Citys Wayne Manor and fell in a deep cavern swarming with bats, his father rescued him. Later, his parents and him went to see "The Mark of Zorro" at an movie theater, his parents Thomas & Martha Wayne were shot and killed by a criminal, right in front of Bruce. Years later, Bruce wanted to stop crime. He realized his skills were not enough to stop his opponents, he needed a disguise strike terror in their hearts. Inspired by the bats that scared him when he was a boy, He made a black and gray costume with a cape and cowl. He became Batman! The criminals were so scared of him. He found others with a passion for justice, like Commissioner James Gordon. Their friendship became strong. Later he adopted Dick Grayson, who his acrobat parents died, Bruce knew he felt the same pain he felt when his parents died. Dick became Robin. Eventually It was passed on to Tim Drake, the current Robin.


The years have taken their toll on the former Batman who's now in his seventies. Bruce Wayne may have slowed down, but one can still see the fire behind his eyes, and that he is a man to be reckoned with.

Before meeting Terry McGinnis, Bruce had stopped living life. But Terry's energy and passion for his cause have stirred up emotions in Bruce, enabling him to re-enter the crime-fighting world he had forgotten -- and now, Bruce needs Terry. When Batman is guarding the city, Bruce stays at the Batcomputer and serves as his advisor. He can quickly feed Batman information over the radio link to the new, high-tech Batsuit.

Bruce also knows Gotham City better than anyone, and this information often proves invaluable to Terry. Most importantly, Bruce has faced the dark side of humanity for years, and can guide Terry through many of the mazes he's facing for the first time -- if and when Terry will listen.